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There are a lot of people who say “I forgive you” when they mean “No harm done”, and a lot of people who say “That was unforgiveable” when they mean “That was genuinely really bad”.Whether or not forgiveness is right is a complicated topic I do not want to get in here.Someone who thinks divorce is abhorrent can “forgive” divorce.

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” The Emperor answers: “What do you think I am, some kind of homophobic bigot? ” And Bodhidharma answers: “Thus do you gain no merit by tolerating them! If I had to define “tolerance” it would be something like “respect and kindness toward members of an outgroup”.The Emperor summons before him Bodhidharma and asks: “Master, I have been tolerant of innumerable gays, lesbians, bisexuals, asexuals, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, transgender people, and Jews.How many Virtue Points have I earned for my meritorious deeds? The Emperor, somewhat put out, demands to know why.They lecture the priest on the virtues of charity and compassion.

Later, it comes out that the beloved nobleman did not in fact kill his good-for-nothing brother.And today we have an almost unprecedented situation.

At isang hapong uulan-ulan bahagya, isang araw bago sumapit ang ikadalawampu’t pitong taon ng ebanghelista, and magkatipan ay ikinasal sa Singalong ng pastor na si Emiliano Quijano ng Christian and Missionary Alliance.… continue reading »

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